Mark Johnson, Founder


Mark has been a well-known leader in the broadcast transmission industry for over three decades.

Mark was the “go to” guy for other audio and video content providers for years. “I not only designed and installed communication systems, I pitched those plans to prospects and customers from Seattle to Miami, and everywhere in between.” Acting on trust, Mark decided in late 2016 to strike out on his own. Now, Mark does it his way - helping “friends” in the industry by providing excellence in solutions and service.


Mark Johnson’s story is unique in the fact that he has vowed to never allow corporate restrictions and bean-counting to interfere with the true business of building friendships. “People prefer to do business with people they know and trust. Customers need to have faith that - when you give your word - you’ll keep it. Looking for opportunities to serve our friends is what LinkUp is all about.”


Since graduating from Florida State University, Mark has continued his training through Harris Transmitter School (FM and FM25K), SBE Senior Radio Engineer (CSRE) and Global VSAT Advanced Certified.


Karen Johnson, Co-Founder


Karen R. Johnson is a broadcast professional and entrepreneur. As one of the former founders of Link Up Communications, Karen has spent nearly two decades championing the power of satellite to deliver a broadcast-quality message that is both live and immediate.


Although technology is important, Karen understands and values relationships - both with peers in the field and with the customer.

“Technology alone doesn’t solve problems, people do. How well you connect with the people you serve, as both an individual and as a company, will ultimately determine it’s worth”.


While launching her career in radio broadcasting, Karen studied writing and political science at Florida State University. Karen’s professional background is a quilting of various experience; local and regional news reporter and correspondent, anchor, news editor, copywriter and broadcast sales.

Our Philosophy

"Always remember: the brewery is in the business of making friends." Bill “Big Boy” Conerly

Hard to imagine, but an abbreviation of an often repeated quote by the founder of one of America’s most recognized beer companies has been the inspiration for LinkUp President Mark Johnson’s approach to customer service for decades. “Bill was one of my mentors in the early 80’s, when I was a producer and engineer for Bud Sports/Seminole Sports Network,” Mark shared. “Bill repeated Adolphus Busch’s creed   often. It was under Bill’s tutelage that I not only learned excellence in broadcasting, but also about the importance of friendship in business. If you take the time to make friends first, you’ll have customers for life.”


Cultivating friendships is what LinkUp does best.


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How We Work

LinkUp Communications Corporation specializes in the design and installation of satellite uplink and downlink networks. We look for down-to-earth transmission solutions that maximize both budget and performance. Trust LinkUp to deliver:

  • Decades of transmission design and installation experience
  • A knowledge of products & a deep understanding of the technology
  • Priority preference with top equipment manufacturers in the industry
  • Manufacturer support after the sale

Our Mission

Through all of our products and services, we provide reliable and cost-effective satellite and other communication solutions. Our core values make us who we are. We may expand and grow, but our beliefs will remain the same. We will always:

  • Put people first
  • Pursue excellence
  • Embrace change
  • Act with integrity