Surprising Holkirk Traits: 3 Brilliant Reasons Why This Flyaway Uplink Will Grab Your Attention

What IS it like traveling with a portable flyaway unit that is worth more than your first home? (Full disclosure: it was the Johnsons’ first home waaaay back in 1989, and it did need a lot of work, but still…)

After I got over the initial dread of being responsible for such a sophisticated (ok, and yes, expensive) piece of equipment, it was much easier than you would think!

The Holkirk TP100 is part of a fleet of ruggedized portable flyaways developed by Holkirk of Sematron. It’s so amazing, it easily impresses everyone who sees it. Frankly, we think this unit is brilliant for lots of reasons, but none so obvious as these three:

1. Because this unit fits perfectly in two flight-approved soft cases, it’s so easy to demo.

I can carry it anywhere – from the back of my hatchback to the baggage section on flights. (With each case weighing less than 50 lbs, there are no additional charges or fees. YAY!).

Plus, each unit contains ruggedized pieces and parts.

2. It’s super fast to assemble.

All the pieces and parts fit together in a snap. Talk about convenience! Panels and connections are visibly marked and snap together without tools.

3. The Holkirk delivers what it promises: a live transmission within minutes.

We see so many potential applications for these versatile units.
They tick many boxes, broadcasting via satellite all types of content, including: audio, video, streaming or webcasting.

April 22-25, LinkUp will be again be exhibiting the Holkirk of Sematron unit at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans. Our message? As with broadcasting, the Holkirk is an essential part of any business or government agency’s emergency communications package.

Want to know more about LinkUp’s answer to your Plan B? Contact us – we would be happy to demo the Holkirk unit for you. See how LinkUp can help!

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