There are moments when circumstances demand a flexible, mobile, yet completely reliable satellite system. Our solution? A portable flyaway mobile satellite system developed by Holkirk, a Sematron Company.

Why is satellite the best delivery application for portable flyaway uplinks? We’re glad you asked. Unlike terrestrial or bonded cellular, satellite provides:

Total Coverage. With 100% of Planet Earth covered, no other technology compares.

Instant Infrastructure. In a locale with little or no infrastructure? No worries. With satellite, you can bring your own communications.

Secure Communications. From simple to complex, hardware and software encryption applications can be designed to meet specific safety requirements.

BackUp Capacity. Able to provide large bandwidth date pipes to aid in restoration of damaged or destroyed infrastructure.

Temporary Network Solutions. Satellite based connectivity solutions provide mission-critical communications to coordinate operations and render essential aid.

Rapid Deployment. When traditional networks disappear, satellite solutions can be set up very quickly.

Holkirk is an industry leader in the development of flyaway mobile units. Whether you’re broadcasting from a challenging location or you need immediate communications access, these mobile units can be dispatched to fulfill your unique circumstances. Each system deploys:

  • A ruggedized IP over satellite unit
  • Outfitted in flight-approved soft cases
  • Panels and connections are visibly marked and snap together without tools for stress-free set up
  • A magnetic GPS assist with each unit makes dish pointing and alignment a breeze.

Manufactured from carbon fiber, aluminum alloy and performance engineering polymers, Holkirk units have been designed to perform in the harshest of environments where rapid transmissions are essential.

The portable flyaway mobile satellite system is easily transported and can be deployed by one person. Field proven, the Holkirk units’ modular construction means you can go from case to live transmission within minutes - without complicated instructions or tools. Plus, each unit contains ruggedized pieces and parts that give you connection for both video and data communications - even VOIP - from anywhere, at any time.



Upgrade your satellite news gathering (SNG) system with flyaway units from Holkirk, provided by LinkUp Communications. With characteristics that include fast deploy and transport convenience, the Holkirk by Sematron can easily assist in the most remote news or sporting events.

These rough and ready flyaway units are mobile and easy to use. Extremely flexible, the Holkirk flyaway can be transported quickly to news or sports sites via vehicle and/or aircraft. These units possess the capacity for strong, extremely reliable transmission, plus the ability to transmit audio and video in real-time.

Other Holkirk assets include:

Adaptability. Every unit is designed to meet any and all obstacles you may find in the field, including temperature, high winds, and humidity.

Ease of operation. After a simple training, a single person can assemble and operate the unit.

Ease of Delivery. The standard flyaway unit comes in two light-weight, IATA certified, flight-checkable soft cases that can easily take you from plane to vehicle.




As the fastest growing solution in the entertainment and video industry, streaming is celebrated for it’s flexibility. In spite of it’s ease of use, there can be issues. Cellular networks can overload plus, getting a land line for a single event can be impractical, financially prohibitive and difficult to secure.

The Holkirk unit allows you to take control of your own data stream. If you can see the sky, you can stream. Whether your plan is to stream a concert or podcast, a Holkirk flyaway solution gives you “a guaranteed predictable connection”.




Whether it’s a natural disaster or an emergency call, when First Responders arrive on scene they need secure, reliable communications. Mission critical information needs to be relayed quickly and clearly - it very well could be a matter of life or death. With a flyaway solution from Holkirk and a support system / service provided by LinkUp, First Responders can quickly send and receive video and data.

With minutes Holkirk units can be rapidly deployed. Field proven, each unit’s ruggedized pieces and parts can withstand the roughest treatment; the harshest elements. Anywhere and anytime, First Responders have access to both secure enterprise-grade video, data and voice communications.



With Holkirk/Sematron, you get the specific hardware and emergency solution that is right for your business, plus support from a knowledgeable leader in broadcast technology, LinkUp Communications. Our team of satellite and IT experts will:

  • Analyze your needs
  • Educate your team about satellite
  • Train your staff on operating your mobile units
  • Provide critical 24/7 support, plus service after the sale

LinkUp is a reseller/distributor of all Holkirk flyaway units, as well as the company’s US Service Center for support and repairs.

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