Video Solution for Saddleback Church • Lake Forest, CA

Not satisfied with alternatives such as Internet streaming and shuttling hard drives, Saddleback Church turned to Link Up Communications in search of reliable, affordable technology that could bring their campuses together in a more spontaneous way.

Link Up spent 10 months designing, building and testing at Saddleback before transmitting the first remote feed at Rancho Capistrano in October, 2014. Since then, campuses have been linked from San Clemente to Hollywood and points in-between.

The install:

A ground mount 2.4 meter Ku-Band uplink antenna was installed at the site of the main campus in Lake Forest, California. The system is fully redundant, and includes two RF amplifiers and an RF switch, with high definition video encoders and satellite modems mounted in the church’s video control room for operators’ easy access.

Pastor: Rick Warren

Director of Global Video Broadcast: Frank Baker

Date of install: September 2013

Number of remote campuses: 11 throughout Southern California; 4 International Campuses

Number of campuses linked via satellite: 9

Occasional or Full-time space segment: Occasional


The followup:

Saddleback received hands-on training from Link Up so that the organization can run the system and do future installations on its own, thus reducing the church’s costs and giving it the flexibility to add additional campuses when it is ready.

What our client has to say:

“The experience of working with Link Up Communications has been awesome. Their response time to our needs as a customer has been very quick. As we continue to interconnect our campuses, we know that we can depend on Link Up every step of the way.” Frank Baker

The equipment:

  • Video Encoders
  • Satellite RF Modulators SD/HD
  • Satellite Amplifiers w/ RF switch