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A long-time customer of LinkUp Communications, Northcoast Church had opted out of making their state-of-the-art video uplink redundant when it was installed five years ago. For budgetary reasons, Northcoast’s Pastor of Operations Dennis Choy had asked that a single-thread 2.4 meter Ku-band be installed at the church’s main campus in Vista, CA. At least temporarily, redundancy was pushed to the back burner.

Fast forward to Spring 2019. Though the video uplink had not experienced downtime since its installation, the age of the system made the lack of backup equipment more concerning. Northcoast took the plunge and ordered a backup Amplifier and a redundancy switch. (The redundancy switch allows for an automatic switch between the main BUC and the backup in “hot” standby.)

The backup BUC and switch arrived just in time. As the redundancy switch was being installed and tested, Northcoast experienced failure in the main BUC. It was immediately removed and sent back to the factory for repair. The secondary BUC was immediately tapped for primary service so the multi-site church would not experience downtime over the coming weekend. 


What our customer has to say:

Charley Curtis is the Broadcast Systems Director at Northcoast.

He believes the timing of the arrival of the backup gear could not have been better. “So glad the decision was made to purchase redundancy equipment - specifically a back up amplifier. Since the existing amplifier had been sent in for repair we still haven’t run the system in redundancy mode, but we’re putting it back up this week. If we hadn’t gotten that second amp set up, a power outage would have sunk us.”


What LinkUp says:

LInkUp’s Mark Johnson always urges clients to plan for redundancy. “Sure, it can be little bit of a gamble to not immediately invest in redundant equipment, but satellite  equipment is very reliable, so the risk is minimal. If there is a failure it will happen when it’s first out of the box or years later. So if a client wants to delay redundancy for a bit, we understand and will work to provide them that layer of security on their timeframe. However, we will always strongly urge our customers to budget for redundancy.”

Client: Northcoast Church

Pastor of Operations: Dennis Choy

Broadcast Systems Director: Charley Curtis

Date of original install: April 2014

Number of remote campuses: 5

Occasional or Full-time space segment: Occasional