Satellite Migration for Moody Regional Networks • Moody Radio, Chicago, IL

The project:

For over a decade Moody Radio has used AMC 8 at 139 degrees to deliver programming to the regional station groups in Tennessee, Alaska, Florida and Indiana. Leadership at Moody Radio have counted on the team at LinkUp (formerly Ka You Communications) to serve their satellite space and ground service needs for many years.

Broadcasters will recognize that AMC 8 and it’s predecessors at 139 degrees are the satellites that provided the majority of commercial broadcast network program delivery from 1983 until   2017. Because Moody affiliates in Alaska originally had few options to receive Moody programming, Moody chose AMC-8. The satellite’s orbital footprint covered Alaska.

As AMC 8 neared end-of-life, it was unclear if a replacement would be permanently placed in that orbital position. The commercial networks directed nearly 8,000 radio stations to realign their antennas during a six-month period in 2017.

Transitioning Away from AMC 8:

As the satellite service provider to the Moody regional groups, LinkUp negotiated a later transition away from AMC 8. So in 2018 LinkUp provided a plan to transition by uplinking the channels to both AMC 8 and the new satellite (SES 2 at 87 degrees), where Moody decided to locate their future services.

LinkUp not only provided dual illumination services (identical signals on both satellites) but also provided the technical services to realign each station downlink - and all three regional uplinks - from AMC 8 to SES 2. All of these details combined to eliminate any down-time with the radio stations while transitioning services from AMC 8 to SES 2.

The Repoint:

The LinkUp team traveled to Anderson, IN, Nashville, TN and St Petersburg, FL and the regions surrounding each of these studios and uplinks. The installation and service team visited all 12 downlinks serving these three uplink networks. While providing the contracted service, LinkUp took the opportunity to review the health of each downlink and check each stations’ performance.

After three weeks, each uplink and downlink was moved to SES-2 with the exception of a single Florida site. (Extra time was needed at the site due to an obstruction that had recently been installed near the downlink without Moody’s knowledge.) LinkUp took on this additional challenge and, today, all stations are being fed by their respective regional uplinks.

Using the new XDS Pro 1Q receivers and XDS encoders, Moody Radio provides high quality AAC audio and regionalized versions of the famous Moody programming.

Client: Moody Radio / Regional Radio Networks

Director of Engineering: Mark Williames

Date of project: Spring 2017 to Summer 2018

Re-alignment: 3 Uplinks/12 Downlinks

Occasional or Full-time space segment: Full-time

Moody Florida copy

Realigning Moody Florida Regional Network's C-band Uplink in St. Petersburg.

What our client has to say:

“Moody Radio has relied on the Linkup Communications team over the years and most recently to transition Moody’s three regional c-band uplinks and associated downlinks from AMC-8 over to SES-2. In typical style, the Linkup Communications team did an excellent job completing the project on time and on budget even when nature and unforeseen challenges throw you a curve. The Linkup Communications team is the best in the business!”  Mark Williames