Dual Screen Video Solution for LCBC Church • Manheim, PA

LCBC Church in Central Pennsylvania approached Link Up Communications with a unique challenge: to recreate the dual screen presentation found at their main campus at their remote locations. The church had previously looked at terrestrial based solutions, but soon realized that these were complex and too expensive. LCBC asked Link Up Communications to come up with a cost-effective satellite solution..

The install:

The Link Up team installed a Ku-Band uplink antenna at the site of the main campus in Manheim, designing a system for LCBC that includes individual HD video encoders for both screen shots with 4 stereo audio feeds each. A transport stream multiplexer (mux) was used to combine the outputs of both encoders. The mux provides a single transmission stream that includes both video feeds and 8 stereo audio feeds to a satellite RF modulator, which drives the satellite uplink’s amplifier to feed the transmission to a geo-synchronous satellite. The satellite receives, converts, and re-transmits the signal back to the Continental US.

At the remote campus, a small, unobtrusive satellite antenna receives the feed and delivers it to the dual high-def video decoders located within the A/V technical booth. The two decoders separate the individual video feeds from the multiplex transmission and allow the tech staff to deliver to separate projection screens.

Upon installation, LCBC’s recording devices were found to need an even tighter specification for the frame synchronization than previously expected. Although the decoders came with “Genlock” as a feature, the HD video recorders used by LCBC required a tighter spec. LCBC needed to not only have a great picture to the projectors, but also the same clarity for potential recording devices. To solve this issue, an additional out-board frame sync generator was added at remote locations.

Client: Andrew Martin, Executive Pastor of Worship Arts

Production Manager: Sean McDermott

Date of install: July 2013

Number of remote campuses: 8 remote campuses throughout Pennsylvania

Number of campuses linked via satellite: 9

Occasional or Full-time space segment: Occasional


The follow-up:

Though it’s a sophisticated system it is extremely reliable, yet simple enough for staff and volunteers to operate. The video quality at LCBC is exceptional; both screens are high definition. LCBC can choose to send video messages live for immediate play, or store them at remote campuses for delayed playback.

The flexibility of this system gives their team the convenience of planting a remote campus anywhere. A simple dish, receiver and additional frame sync generator is all that’s needed to feed dual screens.

What our client has to say:

“Link Up has been a valuable partner as LCBC works to reach people across the state of Pennsylvania. From the initial concept, to build out, to expansion and support, the Link Up team has become a friend we get to do business with. Our system has been incredibly reliable, which is extremely important as we utilize volunteer operators, but the Link Up support team has guided us through any user related errors. If your church or organization is looking to broadcast video to multiple locations, I would make sure you include Link Up in the conversation to see if they can create a solution that is right for you!” Sean McDermott

The equipment:

  • HD Video Encoders
  • Transport stream multiplexer
  • Satellite RF Modulators SD/HD
  • Satellite Amplifiers w/ RF switch