Client Support

Link Up takes care of it all. From design, integration and satellite time to training and customer service, you can trust Link Up to handle your entire project from start to finish.

System design

We deliver a system that meets your church’s specifications. You decide if you want your delivery system to be standard, HD or 4K, single or multi-screen, live or tape-delayed. We’ll show you options that fit your budget.

Though cost varies depending on the features and benefits your ministry requires, you’ll discover satellite is surprisingly affordable compared to multiple terrestrial deliveries. In fact, satellite is comparable in cost to the high-end HD theater projectors that you may already own.

Unlike Internet delivery, “adequate bandwidth” is not an issue. With satellite, the bandwidth your church is using is dedicated—committed to YOUR live delivery. There are few points of failure, and few are outside your control. The uplink and downlink equipment is YOURS.

System integration

At your main campus, Link Up will install a commercial-grade satellite system that is both robust and reliable, and highly resistant to weather or atmospheric conditions. An uplink antenna is placed at the main site of transmission, while downlinks are installed at your church’s satellite locations.

While we are on site, our team will train yours on system operation, simple troubleshooting and even how to install your own downlinks. Multi-site growth happens on your timetable.

Occasional space

With satellite, you control costs by purchasing just the amount of space you need—and your bandwidth is dedicated. Once your system is installed, there are no additional operating costs when adding new campuses. No matter the number of sites, the cost of satellite space on Sunday morning remains the same.

Customer service

Our services do not end after the install. We take your transmission seriously. That’s why we provide customer assistance and technical support 24/7, including weekends.