Multi-site Via Satellite

There are a host of delivery methods for site to multi-site transmission, but satellite delivery remains the “best of show.” Satellite technology has been around for decades and is the trusted delivery method for broadcasters, banks, businesses, governments, even the military. It’s simple to use and consistently reliable, with the lowest recurring costs.

Link Up Communications provides personal service, hands-on support and a complete transmission solution at surprisingly affordable rates. We have designed and integrated satellite video uplink delivery systems for multi-site churches throughout the U.S. These churches have benefited from many options with satellite delivery, including:

  • Campuses can be anywhere—across town, state, nation, even the globe.
  • Satellite is simple. Period. No experts are necessary. Both staff and volunteers can operate the system.
  • With satellite, you can forget the frustrations of a consumer-grade satellite application; we’re talking about a broadcast-grade satellite system that is robust in design—highly resistant to both weather and atmospheric conditions.
  • Our systems are designed to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s standard, HD or 4K.
  • There are several options for transmission, including single shot only, or separate shots for playback on the center and side screens.
  • Video messages can be sent live for immediate play or stored at remote campuses for delayed playback.
  • The picture quality is mind-blowing—think televised sporting events or digital cinema.
  • From the auditorium to the uplink, there are very few points of failure for video.
  • The equipment at the remote campus is minimal—a single, small dish and a receiver.
  • Since downlink equipment can be easily added to new sites, expansion is simple. It fits your timetable, not someone else’s.

Want to know more about how Link Up Communications’ satellite solution can work for your multi-site? Read this first-hand account from Dennis Choy in Technologies for Worship Magazine: “Review – The Best Choice for North Coast Church,” September 2014.

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