Superheroes: How Broadcasters After Hurricane Michael Saved The Day

It may not be something that is often contemplated, but broadcasters understand that what they do holds significant value. The information and entertainment that they facilitate provides a critical service within the communities – large and small- that they serve. But let’s be real; it usually takes a major crisis of sorts for others to…

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FCC Paves the Way for 5G Expansion: Is This the Demise of C-Band?

At their monthly meeting in July, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voiced their much-anticipated proposal about the future of C-band. As many industry experts predicted, the proposal is a complicated series of potential rulings that left broadcasters feeling more uncertain about the future of C-band. Why? Because in this pending proposal the FCC appears to…

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Contemplating Ku-Band? Three Points That Will Make You a Fan

Broadcasters across America frequently turn to Ku-band uplinks and their accompanying downlinks. Used for broadcasting and two-way Internet, Ku-band is cost-effective to install and functional. We recently took a closer took at the attributes of a C-band uplink; now let’s talk about Ku-band: THE KING OF LOGISTICS Because Ku-band is used by satellite communications systems,…

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