Satellite broadcasting


It feels like a steamroller – or maybe a runaway train. Seems like everyone in the media and inside the Beltway are touting 5G as the “latest and greatest”; promising unparalleled speed and connectivity even in remote areas currently underserved by broadband. America is in a technological sprint not seen since the 1960’s race to…

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The Most Compelling Installation Advice We Can Give: The Truth About Site Surveys

LinkUp - The Most Compelling Installation Advice

What’s not to love about spring? Who doesn’t appreciate longer days, warmer weather, blooming flowers, and conventions! Conventions? Oh yeah! For us, multiple conventions and spring are synonymous. Spending time with our customers and prospects is the best! Speaking of conventions, the last week of March the LinkUp team was in Anaheim where we staffed…

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Superheroes: How Broadcasters After Hurricane Michael Saved The Day

It may not be something that is often contemplated, but broadcasters understand that what they do holds significant value. The information and entertainment that they facilitate provides a critical service within the communities – large and small- that they serve. But let’s be real; it usually takes a major crisis of sorts for others to…

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Want to Protect Your Broadcast Content from 5G? Here’s Our Best Advice

Satellite industry experts and space providers alike believe there are anywhere from 20 to 25 thousand of US broadcasters currently using C-band fixed antennas for the delivery of hours of daily programming. Yet, there still seems to be some…hesitation? procrastination? denial? from broadcasters when it comes to the voluntary registration process currently being solicited by…

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FCC Paves the Way for 5G Expansion: Is This the Demise of C-Band?

At their monthly meeting in July, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voiced their much-anticipated proposal about the future of C-band. As many industry experts predicted, the proposal is a complicated series of potential rulings that left broadcasters feeling more uncertain about the future of C-band. Why? Because in this pending proposal the FCC appears to…

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