Mr. and Mrs. Linkup to Go Washington – Part Two

(Our second day of meetings at the FCC, and some of the amazing announcements released by the government agency since!)

Mark and I had scheduled three days in Washington DC in late May to share?  persuade? implore the FCC to consider the “real life” impact 5G will have on the heavily-used frequency between 3.7 and 4.2 GHz – frequency populated by C-band transmissions.

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What Trapeze Artists and Broadcasters Have in Common

Those high flying trapeze artists at the circus never cease to amaze me. Nearly 46 feet in the air, they courageously jump from bar to bar, soaring and somersaulting – trusting their partner will be there to catch them when they launch. IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING. Scary stuff. Starting your own business can be a…

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