The Complete List of Can’t-Do-Without Tools for Anyone Who Maintains a Satellite Antenna

At Link Up Communications, we take our tools seriously. Categorized and inventoried after every install, our installation tools are carefully organized in our office on their own ridiculously expensive heavy-duty shelves. Like you, we know that having the right tool – not just something that will “do” – saves you from a whole lot of…

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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Always Shop Open Source for Broadcast Components

satellite antenna icon

We were visiting a potential customer earlier this summer — pitching the idea of retiring their Comstream platform for a new, digital platform with all the bells and whistles — when the subject of the extravagant cost of certain proprietary broadcast software came up. Like so many of the other ministries we serve, our new…

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The Overpowering Reach of Broadband

Two articles that involve the FCC recently caught my attention.   One, entitled “Actual US broadband penetration & speed falls far short of FCC claims” ( reveals that the FCC’s broadband maps — maps that track the speed and penetration of Internet in rural areas — are “wildly inaccurate”.   The other, published in Wired…

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The C-Band Repack

Nothing has gripped the attention of radio
and television engineers and management
like the FCC’s mandated C-band repack. For
over three years, the idea of 5G co-sharing
the coveted mid-band spectrum has been
speeding along, directed by Congress in
the 5G Spectrum Act of 2019 and the Beat CHINA for 5G
Act of 2020 to open the mid-band (or C-band) to mobile
Now the real work begins.

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Free Speech

You’re not crazy, nor are you paranoid. If you are under the impression that the very nature of your video content is running the risk of being demonetized or censored, you are probably right. Faith-based broadcasters, creators of conservative content, and the broadcast community are concerned about future access to the Internet. Freedom of Expression…

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