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Time is running out. Those with a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the fight for C-band spectrum say the FCC is nearing the homestretch in the C-band proceeding. Meaning, a decision on satellite’s mid-band frequency of 3.7 to 4.2 GHz for the expansion of 5G broadband throughout the US could likely come…

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What Trapeze Artists and Broadcasters Have in Common

Those high flying trapeze artists at the circus never cease to amaze me. Nearly 46 feet in the air, they courageously jump from bar to bar, soaring and somersaulting – trusting their partner will be there to catch them when they launch. IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING. Scary stuff. Starting your own business can be a…

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The Dual Screen Video Challenge

Sometimes, explaining what we do as satellite integrators is just as hard – or even harder – than actually doing it! With lots of input from Mark (Link Up’s Director of Technology), nearly a week was spent writing (and rewriting!) our New Technology Product entry into the Worship Facilities Awards, taking place at the WFX…

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