Satellite Space Segment


With access to satellites positioned to provide coverage of CONUS and beyond, LinkUp Communications is the premier space segment provider for audio, video and data transmissions.

You’ll find our pricing is competitive, if not superior to the competition. We’re able to offer customers reliable space segment service at economical prices by maintaining long-term relationships with the major spacecraft companies.

We understand that where your satellite space segment is located is important to you. Because our highest priority is meeting your specific requirements, we strive to be flexible—offering multiple satellite options, including:

  • Regional, national or local
  • Full-time or occasional
  • C-band or Ku-band
  • Audio, video or data

AMC-8 is a popular choice for radio programming for C-band space segment customers. However, we offer a variety of other C-band options, including Anik F1R and Galaxy 3C, plus more options based on necessity.

Ku-band radio and video clients have multiple choices as well, including SES-2, SES-3, Galaxy 3C and others available upon request.