6 Fascinating Facts about LinkUp Communications

We consider ourselves an open book at LinkUp Communications, but you may not have read all the chapters.

Do you have a tendency to skim the material in a book and only read the information that grabs your attention? Or are you one of those people who skip to last few pages to find out who-done-it? Stop! You’re missing all the good stuff in the middle.

Here’s a quick look at some of the “good stuff” about LinkUp Communications Corporation, with some not-so-common information about your favorite satellite company.

Small business / Big Ideas
LinkUp Communications is a Mom and Pop business. And we’re joined by a son…and a cousin…and a couple of guys who feel like brothers. We’re a close-knit team that take our mission of providing “unreasonable service” very seriously.

We’re located in multiple zip codes
LinkUp’s main offices are located in sunny-but-hurricane-ravaged Panama City, Florida. Mark, Karen and Clay take the lead on engineering, sales and marketing. Our install team hails from Lexington, Kentucky, finance is in Eastern Tennessee while our ops center is located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our story begins in a North Florida pine forest
January, 2017, somewhere between Ebro and Clarksville, the team from LinkUp wandered down a lonely dirt road lined with sable palms, moss and tall pines and installed a new DH C-band downlink for the folks at WAYFM. Since that very first 3-day project, we have worked with dozens of audio and video networks across the country.

It’s been a privilege to provide assistance and support for so many terrific clients; from regional and national radio networks to television and multi-site churches that want to link their campuses via satellite. Our customers come to us for more than satellite space, they trust us as their resource for equipment, service, and support.

Unreasonable service? It’s kind of a big deal – at least to us
Call it our edict, our ethos…LinkUp’s culture of unreasonable service makes us who we are and sets us apart from all the rest.

It’s apparent in everything we do; from providing customer service 24/7/365 to standing behind our work, our products and our services.

Why are we so committed to the concept of unreasonable service? Mostly because we’ve been there. We know from personal experience what it’s like when commitment to the customer is lacking.

When Mark and I first became parents we bought a family car, a Nissan Stanza wagon. We bought it when our oldest was just a baby, so it was about two and a half years old when Clay entered the scene.

Clay was just an infant when we took the vehicle to a local mechanic for an oil and filter change, and to check all the belts. It was after that visit that the vehicle immediately started having electrical issues – the battery could not hold a charge for longer than three days. No matter how many times we returned the Nissan to the mechanic – paying them again and again to troubleshoot the issue – the vehicle was never the same.

The mechanic said the right things and seemed empathetic to our plight, but his actions (or lack thereof) spoke louder than words. Over the course of the next several months the Nissan spent days – weeks – sitting in the mechanic’s lot. Yet the issue was never resolved. The battery continued to die every three days, then every two days. We finally gave up and sold the Nissan.

Instead of paying a little extra and getting a certified mechanic to work on our Nissan, we had used the services of a mechanic who evidently didn’t know enough about our car to successfully maintain it. After this disastrous experience, we never took our vehicles anywhere but the dealership’s service department. We had learned a hard lesson – you get what you pay for.

Broadcasters have no time for incompetency like we experienced. You don’t need the drama – or the downtime – of dealing with a company that doesn’t excel in doing it right the first time. You know that sometimes its worth a little extra to have the best. You get what you pay for.

We are confident in our abilities. And our confidence in our commitment to the customer comes from the hours – the years -that our team has put into learning our trade; the countless installations and troubleshooting across the continental US. We are experts in our field and GVF certified. We tap into that expertise with each project that we tackle, each installation we complete.

Let’s talk satellite space
We’re big fans of giving our customers what they want. Often satellite providers purchase space segment that meets their requirements, then try to convince you that the space they have is the space you need. At LinkUp, we do things differently. Currently we have space on Anik-F1R, SES 1, SES 2 and SES 3, and Galaxy 3C, but – with our connections to a host of satellite companies – we can find that perfect solution that meets YOUR needs.

We provide access to satellite time by the hour
We mostly provide 24/7 space segment, but often our video and data customers don’t need to purchase that much. Most choose to keep costs down by purchasing only what they need. Occasional audio, video and data satellite space can be leased in as small as quarter-hour increments.

Our Montgomery Operation and Technical Center (that’s MOTC, y’all) is kind of impressive. On a hillside in rural Montgomery you’ll find the heart of LinkUp Communications. That’s where Operations Manager Bruce Chesnutt can be found, monitoring your audio and video transmissions.

At MOTC, we program and test all of the units for our customers. With spectrum analyzers, we monitor power and bandwidth on board the satellites. We downlink 5 Ku-band satellites and two C-Band. An extra bonus: in times of emergency, we offer Ku-band uplink capability.

Thanks for taking a second look at LinkUp’s story. Though our company is young, our experience and know-how fills its pages. Each chapter is a page-turner because, like our customers, each project is challenging and unique. As we approach another year of service, we look forward to making your story part of ours.

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